Next Generation

the Lineage Story

“The NavaClick™ will do for injections what the Keller Funnel did for implants.”
— Dr. Kevin Keller, Co-Founder of Lineage Biomedical

Innovative Solutions

Experience a legacy of excellence from the team that brought you the Keller Funnel. The minds behind the NavaClick Injection System remain unwavering in their dedication to innovation, quality, and reliability. Meticulously addressing every challenge associated with neurotoxin injections, our team has crafted a brilliant solution that transforms the entire procedure, from reconstitution to injection. With a patent-pending design that's poised to inspire awe, you might just find yourself saying, "I wish I had thought of that!" Embrace a new standard of excellence with NavaClick.

Meet Our Detent

It is just as fun as that card in your bicycle wheel but functional too. Fifty detents along the plunger create fifty satisfying clicks, and each click signals the release of exactly one unit of neurotoxin. It’s reliable, precise, and irresistibly fun.

The Lineage Team

Lineage Biomedical was founded by the original Keller Medical duo of Dr. Kevin Keller and Mr. Howard Preissman along with two talented, young biomedical engineers – Bradley Pliskow and Garrett Keller. Our company name, Lineage Biomedical, celebrates the collaborative relationship between the seasoned leadership team of Keller Medical and the emerging Lineage generation they mentor and inspire. Welcome to Lineage Biomedical — where a legacy of excellence paves the way for a brilliant new era.

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