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The NavaClick Injection System is intended for injection of fluids into the body. It is specifically indicated for injection of botulinum neurotoxin, consistent with the neurotoxin's approved labeling.

Yes, it is simple to adapt the NavaClick syringe to various dilutions. Download the dilution chart here to learn how.

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Social Responsibility

Proudly located in the United States, Lineage Biomedical operates with a conscientious approach to its social and environmental responsibility. We thoughtfully assess the impact of our products and operations on local communities and the global environment. We prioritize partnerships with American manufacturing services, aiming to bolster our local economy and minimize the environmental footprint associated with unnecessary shipping. However, our commitment to quality remains steadfast, so in instances – such as with our Japanese needles – when American-made counterparts do not meet our standards, we source materials globally.

Thank you for your commitment to recycling. However, our plastic trays, while not recyclable, play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your patients. We use a resilient plastic that excels in creating a solid, sterile barrier, prioritizing the well-being of those you serve.


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