A Neurotoxin
Injection System

Why NavaClick™?

“NavaClick™ is a game-changer for new injectors, and it makes an experienced injector even better.”
— Dr. Jason N. Pozner, MD

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Precision Dosing

The NavaClick™ is engineered to release a reliably consistent unit of neurotoxin each time the plunger is advanced one click. You can trust that you have delivered exactly the right amount of neurotoxin, precisely where you want it. Every click, every time. 

Eyes-On-The-Patient Injections

The NavaClick’s™ metered-dose design ensures precision dosing you won’t have to see to believe. Allowing you to keep your eyes on the patient, the NavaClick announces – with an audible and tactile click – that you have delivered exactly .02 mL of neurotoxin. 

Reduced Neurotoxin Waste

The NavaClick™ is a Low Dead Space instrument, so you will deliver nearly every drop, reducing neurotoxin waste. Additionally, our metered-dose design ensures you inject precisely the amount you desire at each insertion point, not a drop more.

Enhanced Patient Comfort

Our ultra-fine, ultra-sharp needles stay sharp through repeated insertions, and their lubricious coating creates a smooth, comfortable experience for the patient.

Needle-Free Dilution & Draws

Two sterile vial adapters – 13mm and 20mm – are included in each NavaClick™ Kit to provide closed-vial, needle-free dilutions and draws of any neurotoxin. The adapter’s self-sealing, swabable valve and our custom luer-lock cap will prevent spills and maintain sterility.  Whether you pre-fill or fill as you go, the NavaClick System simplifies your preparation and improves your efficiency.