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A Complete Neurotoxin
Injection System

The NavaClick™ Injection System improves the efficiency, accuracy, and comfort of neurotoxin injections, minimizing waste from start to finish. The centerpiece of the system is a patent-pending, metered-dose syringe that delivers precisely 0.02 mL with each audible and tactile push of the plunger. This innovative feature allows practitioners to focus on the patient rather than the graduation lines, ensuring a patient-centered procedure.

Why NavaClick™?

1. Eyes-On-The-Patient Injections

2. Precision Dosing

3. Reduced Neurotoxin Waste

4. Enhanced Patient Comfort

5. Needle-Free Dilution & Draws

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The NavaClick™ Injection System can only be sold directly to medical professionals or to individuals on the order of a physician.

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The Lineage Story

Experience a legacy of excellence from the team that brought you the Keller Funnel.

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"NavaClick makes preparation effortless and efficient. It is significantly easier."

— Dr. Grubbs, MD

"That was the most pain-free neurotoxin experience I have ever had.”

— Michele, Patient

"The NavaClick will do for injections what the Keller Funnel did for implants.”

— Dr. Kevin Keller, MD
Co-Founder of Lineage Biomedical