NavaClick™ Injection System

$55-$65 Per Kit

The NavaClick™ Injection System is a sterile, single-use kit intended to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and comfort of neurotoxin injections. The NavaClick System boasts needle-free preparation, aseptic transfers, low-dead-space designs, and ultra-thin needles. The centerpiece of the system is a patent-pending, metered-dose syringe that injects exactly .02mL with each audible and tactile push of the plunger, allowing practitioners to keep their eyes on the patient instead of the graduation lines.

First purchase includes a complimentary training kit that provides all the essentials for a hands-on learning experience.

Sold and shipped exclusively in the USA.

Configurations Box (5 Kits)




4- NavaClick Syringes
4- 0.24 mm x 9 mm Hypodermic Needles
1- Large (20 mm) Vial Adapter
1- Small (13 mm) Vial Adapter

  • Precision Dosing
  • Eyes-On-The-Patient Delivery
  • Reduced Neurotoxin Waste
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • Needle-Free Dilution & Draws

For large volume orders of 360 kits or more call (772) 539-9749

Available in 3 Configurations

Box (5 Kits)

  • 20 Syringes
  • 20 Needles
  • 5 Large Adapters
  • 5 Small Adapters
Case (6 Boxes/30 kits)

  • 120 Syringes
  • 120 Needles
  • 30 Large Adapters
  • 30 Small Adapters
Triple Case (18 Boxes/90 Kits)

  • 360 Syringes
  • 360 Needles
  • 90 Large Adapters
  • 90 Small Adapters

How to Use The NavaClick™ Injection System

Connect the vial adapter for
needle-free reconstitution.
Attach the NavaClick for
needle-free withdrawal.
Secure the needle to
the NavaClick syringe.
Twist the plunger 90°
and click to inject.