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Our patent-pending “click” mechanism and our smooth, ultra-sharp needles combine for an experience that is gentle on the face and on the nerves, creating a new level of physical and emotional comfort for the patient.

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Injection Video

Watch as Dr. Keller injects two patients using the NavaClick System. Both patients report significant reductions in pain and anxiety related to neurotoxin injections.

“As a patient who is typically afraid of both needles and doctors, I no longer dread the process. The NavaClick made my injection painless and predictable.” 

 — Aaron, Patient

“I didn’t think injections
could be this easy.”

 — Jenny, Patient

“I have a fear of needles, but the NavaClick is a game-changer! It was virtually painless and eased my anxiety during the treatment.”

 — Noelle, Patient

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